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From now on I'll be posting about influential boys & girls in the biking world who I find inspiring and are making an impact on the biking community, whether that's because they are reaching a wider audience because of the celebrity status or are making moves within a more niche scene within the biking world.

To kick-start this series of post I'm going large. He needs little introduction and is one of Britain's best riders to ever to jump on two wheels. It's of course, the one and only Dougie aka Doug Lampkin. He claims to "ride a motorcycle sport called trials biking and say he's been world champion on many occasions". Well, make that 12 in total, 5 indoors and 7 outdoors. So he's humble too! ⁠

Throughout his career he's also done some crazy challenges, my favourite of all must be when he did a wheelied an entire lap of the Isle of Man TT course, no small feet given that it's a whopping 37.7 miles long.

Read about it here.

⁠So how did he become the motorbike legend that he is? Well, his late father Martin was the first-ever FIM Trial World Champion back in 1975 so it seemed inevitable that he would go on to become a champion himself and it looks like his two sons, Alfie, aged 13, and Fraiser, 10 are well on their way to following in his footsteps. We welcome you to the UKBikerBoys Hall of fame. _________________________________________⁠⁠ 📸 Shot by @bestaffmotorcycles _________________________________________⁠

For more about the Hall of Fame follow @ukbikerboys on instagram. For more about my journey of biking follow me at @ukbikergirl!


Elle x

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