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Ladies day at Maidstone Harley Davidson

Last weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to speak at ladies day at Maidstone Harley Davidson. I did a Q&A with a fantastic group of women who were looking to take the leap and get on two wheels. It’s so lovely to be able to share my journey and encourage others to jump on board, a passion that has truly changed my life.

It‘s hard to describe to someone who has never ridden a motorcycle the feeling that you get on two wheels, for me it’s my meditation and a time in my day where I get to just be with alone with my mind. To switch off and let the world go by. Having spoken to so many other riders it’s a shared feeling. I think that’s why people so quickly get the bug. It’s a thrill, a passion and something that very quickly gets into your bones.

I met so many incredible women at ladies day and each one had a very different journey. I met three mums who started riding after their kids had grown up and they now go on adventures together, and it’s great to see, women breaking the mould of what is normally done!

I also talked with another incredible woman Suzanne who started her journey at 40, she is now 67 (I know I couldn’t believe it either). She has always been a pillion and after discovering her love or Harley’s that was it. She took the leap did her test. She has been on some incredible adventures and you can really see she loves it. You can watch the full interview with Suzanne on my facebook page @ukbikergirls

All in all it was a fantastic afternoon and I can’t wait for the next one. Riding is a community and you’ll be amazed by the incredible and inspirational people you meet along the way.

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