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My 1000 mile service with Maidstone Harley Davidson

So after the new CO2 emission charge came into place in London it was time to me to move up from my 900 cc 07 sportster and go for something with a bit more wellie. So I made an investment for my soul and got my hands on Red, my 1200 48 special. The best decision I ever made.

What I completely forgot was that for the first 1000 miles I have to run her in. No steaming down the motorway or tearing down country lanes. If I want to look after this new lady we need to be introduced gently.... wow this was the longest 1000 miles EVER!

Finally hitting the 1000 miles it was time to head back to my favourite Harley dealership in Maidstone to get my first service and learn how to keep her running in tip top shape.

I spent a few hours with head mechanic Mike Lopez who showed me the ropes, from belt tension, suspension adjustment, tyre pressure and was lucky enough to see a few of my new favourite bikes. Check out my new video on my YouTube Channel. While I was there I decided to get a few modifications done to Red, I started with Kroneweeks slip on mufflers. I changed the licence plate to a smaller show plate and dropped the mirrors down. Lets just talk about the exhausts, I didn’t want straight through pipes as for me it’s just too loud. These Kronewerks slip on’s really do sing and make a huge amount of difference whilst filtering though town. I would highly recommend them if you’re not ready to do a stage 1 on your motorcycle but want a slightly better performance and meatier sound.

After an ace day in workshop, having learnt a great deal it was time to head home, I finally got to open Red up! What an absolute beauty!!!!!!!!! 😍

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1 Comment

Aug 20, 2019

Great article! Well done! And keep up the good work

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