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Hi, I'm Eleanor and I'm a UK Biker Girl. I started this channel simply because I love motorbikes but it has quickly become something that has helped inspire other women to get into biking. Whether you are a biker babe, a biker chick, a biker woman or just someone curious about getting into biking then please follow me on my journey as I meet inspirational women bikers and key people within the biking industry.

I'll be learning and vlogging about learning to maintain and fix my own bike as well as how to become an advanced rider, maybe even getting out on to the race track myself. I'll be reviewing bikes and meeting celeb riders as well. Exciting times to be a female rider!

If you have a passion for all things Two Wheels and also love the freedom a bike gives you then here's the place to be. Currently riding my Harley 48 Special around London.

Thanks, Els

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