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Indian Enfield Adventures

I first travel to India when I was 13, this is where I discovered my love of motorcycles and how riding would inevitably become one of my favourite things to do. I have never really been one for Yoga and Meditation, I have always found it incredibly difficult to sit still. But for me, riding has become one of my favourite things. It’s the only time that I switch off and to me, my meditation. So, passing my test and getting back to India to ride felt AMAZING.

Arriving in Goa my first port of call was to find a bike. The wonderful Harrold at the jungle motorcycle tours hooked me up with a classic Enfield Bullet. I named her Cilla, and she was a beaut. I ride a Harley Davidson Sportster 883 in the UK, so it inevitably took a while to get adjusted to my seating position and with Cilla being a 250 cc a hell of a lot more revs.

It turned out her light was actually broken so Harold suggested that I go and see Paroz, the Enfield whisperer, he luckily was only a 5 minute drive away. I travelled to the shop and if you’re into Enfields it’s a little bit of heaven. Enfield’s new and old, chopped up and put back together. A beautiful Enfield GT getting a bit of TLC sat pretty in the centre, this shop felt more like a museum than a garage. It has the magical smell like hot dry petrol and grease. I felt lucky enough to be welcomed with open arms. It’s not often you get many women in India riding Enfield.

It's Clear this man really loves what he does. I’m shown around the shop and talked though some of his Paroz’s latest projects. My bike was fixed in 2 minutes and I was on my way to start some adventures on this little beauty. Day one and I’m set up, Bell Bullet on and sand in my shoes, this is going to be pretty epic trip!

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